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Signup yoki Sign up

Signup yoki Sign up

Sign up iboraviy fe’l hisoblanib, bir shaxsning qaysidir guruh, harakat yoki birlashma shartlariga rozilik bildirgan holda, imzo chekib qo’shilishini anglatadi. Bu fe’l kimningdir a’zoligini, ma’lum bir ro’yxatdan o’tishini bildiradi. Sign up fe’lining o’tgan zamon shakli signed up. Ot shakli esa signing up hisoblanadi.

Signup sign up iboraviy fe’lidan kelib chiqqan. Ot shaklida ishlatilgan holda signup bir kishining a’zoligi uchun imzo chekiladigan joy, bir varaq qog’oz yoki boshqa biror vositani anglatadi. Sifat vazifasida kelgandan esa bir kishining ro’yxatdan o’tishi uchun vosita bo’ladigan joy, imzo chekiladigan qog’oz yoki boshqa bir vositani tasvirlaydi.

Sign up va Signup ishlatilgan quyidagi misollarga e’tibor qarating:

Those who had been in the 1984 floods or the Canterbury earthquakes knew what effect a natural disaster had on a city and should sign up to protect themselves, he said. (Southland Times)

The other 49 countries that signed up — seven others are still waiting for approval from their domestic legislatures — included Germany, the U.K. and South Korea. (International Business Times)

Thirty-seven mushers signed up in person on Saturday at the Iditarod headquarters in Wasilla and 25 others entered by mail. (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)

Signing up for Medicare Advantage (MA), the managed health care version of Medicare, also requires you to have Parts A and B. (Money)

Currently, the signup is available only in Europe, with no time frame announced for how long the registration link will be available.  (International Business Times)

Users of the latest iOS 8.4 public beta are encountering a signup prompt for Apple Music a full two weeks before the service is scheduled to go live, according to tips received by AppleInsider. (AppleInsider)

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